Full Frame Fisheye Advance ProLens Only


For the attention-grabbing Instagrammer, a dramatic eye-pop!

Mount a Full Frame Fisheye Advance ProLens onto your iPhone, and join the posh league of Instagram shots.

  • Strong visual distortion that draws the viewer into your post
  • Astounding panoramic images for your Instagram page
  • Remarkable 230° Full Frame Fisheye for eye-popping shots.
  • Fisheye lenses produce extreme effect by making straight lines appear curved for a distorted, unique image

Detachable Fisheye ProLens gives your iPhone camera an instant, colossal upgrade.

Ultra-wide-angle fisheye lens, making you the Instagram big fish!

Standing out had never been this easy!


  • All ShiftCam ProLens require mounting gear. Browse the Accessory section for a ShiftCam Case, ShiftCam Multi-Lens case, or ShiftCam 2.0 Travel Set case. You’re all set!
  • ShiftCam Mounting System enables fast(est) lens switching between your super-instagrammable shots!
  • Uniquely designed for different iPhone models, and not interchangeable unless stated otherwise. Choose your iPhone model carefully.

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