FlexScan EV2760


Great editing can make or break a video.

Think your editing console can do with an upgrade?

An upgrade that sets you apart from the competition, placing you in the big leagues in the business?

The FLEXSCAN EV2760 is a go-to monitor for editors, gamers, businesspeople, for delivering unmatched performance, and quality at an affordable price.

  • 27-inch monitor with WQHD 2560x1440 resolution
  • In-Plane Switching (IPS) allows wide-viewed angles for the ultimate monitor experience
  • Stands out with high-resolution, antireflection coating
  • Flicker-free screen so image quality is never impaired
  • Make eye strain and fatigue a thing of the past
  • FLEXSCAN EV2760 design encourages better seating posture
  • Compact size and flexile stand ensure you set the monitor for optimum seating posture, adjust monitor to suit your needs
  • Sit just right for those long days and nights you’re at work: editing great content, gaming your heart out, or setting up your business needs
  • Auto EcoView and EcoView Optimizer deliver maximum power savings and superb ergonomics
  • Ultrathin design with 1mm wide bezel doesn’t hoard space on your desk or workstation
  • Electrostatic switches integrated onto the front, ensures ease of use and aids in an elegant look
  • Clear image, brilliant graphics and razor-sharp contours no matter your viewing angle
  • Rapidly changing images minus the annoying afterglow
  • Varying light conditions never distort image or cause strain on the eye
  • Auto brightness adjustment to save up to 50% of your electricity costs

A versatile monitor that’s high on performance, offers a multitude of ports

  • One HDMI
  • One DVI-D
  • Two DisplayPort signal inputs
  • Four USB downstream ports

Game your heart out, and edit great content that gets the views!

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