Alta Pro 2+


Bring up the heat on your Instagram feed with shots that mesmerize and seize attention.

And say a big Hello to uber-professional Travel vlogs that excite and inspire.

Transition to a Macro Setup with the highest performing tripod on the market.

The Alta Pro 2+ 263AB100 isn’t just any Tripod Kit.

This is an expert photography/videography assistant.

  • 26 mm, 3 section Alta Pro 263AT Aluminum Tripod,
  • Alta BH-100 360° panning Ball head for quick pro shots that save time and deliver excellence
  • Independent friction control knob for smooth operation
  • Dramatically high loadbearing: up to 7 kg/15.5 lbs. so you can mount most cameras and never be limited in your pursuits
  • Aircraft aluminum body for a lightweight and long-lasting durable tripod kit

Stable and rock-solid positioning doesn’t get better than this:

  • Instant leg extension and contraction with one-of-a-kind Twist-Lock, a 35° turn to LOCK or UNLOCK
  • 3 section legs with position angles at 20°, 40°, 60°, 80° for supreme position versatility
  • Non-slip grips with all-weather TPU on 2 legs, so you can grip and go whenever you’re ready
  • Angled rubber feet so you can shoot spectacularly on any terrain
  • Firm Hexagonal center column so your tripod never wavers
  • Canopy suspension loop to counterbalance weight
  • Multi-Angle Centre column MACC for unbelievable options in shooting angle. Give your Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers a unique perspective every time
  • Bubble level control to get shots level accurately—tilted shots are fluent in the language of amateur
  • Quick release Arca-Swiss™ plate for secure grip and swift transition between equipment without the need to rebalance and start from scratch
  • Intuitive set-up that remembers your last setup, ensures rapid action.

A truly efficient photography assistant

Alta Link 3/8 threaded bonus connection for accessories:

  • Lighting equipment
  • Reflector
  • Articulated or flexible arms
  • And more….for amazing shooting possibilities!

Bonus tripod bag with a shoulder strap, so you can bag your assistant and go shoot awesome videos.

Let your creativity create absolute magic with this sensational tripod assistant.

Oh, you’re going places with Alta Pro 2+ !!

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