12mm Ultra Wide Angle Aspherical ProLens Only


One small lens. One giant leap to stardom!

Here’s the world’s first 12mm Ultra Wide Aspherical lens that attaches to your iPhone camera.

Let’s face it: image quality is only as good as your lens.

Why not get the best lens? Why not get it right now?

The ShiftCam Ultra Wide brings so much into your pocket:

  • Give your Instagram followers the Star treatment—they deserve it
  • 122° angle view lets you snap images with oh-so incredible detail and unmatched clarity
  • ShiftCam wide angle optical technology minimizes aberrations—makes sure your image is as sharp as you
  • Shooting outdoors in natural light, inside your studio, or your bedroom? Zero distortion no matter where you are!
  • DSLR quality shots to set you apart from your contemporaries

Amateur shots are for—yep—amateurs. Bring your A-game to the Instagram table.

Who wants to blend in on Instagram?

It’s all about standing out. It all starts right here!


  •  All ShiftCam ProLens require mounting gear. Browse the Accessory section for a ShiftCam Case, ShiftCam Multi-Lens case, or ShiftCam 2.0 Travel Set case. You’re all set!
  • ShiftCam Mounting System enables fast(est) lens switching between your super-Instagrammable shots!
  • Uniquely designed for different iPhone models, and not interchangeable unless stated otherwise. Choose your iPhone model carefully.

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