Professional Lapel Microphone


Warmer lows and crisper highs, audio that screams professional.

This high-performance microphone is designed for use with Azden’s PRO-XD Wireless Microphone System, and records stunning audio for:

  • Professional YouTube videos
  • Travel Vlogs
  • Marketing and promotional videos for your business
  • TikTok and Instagram

This sensitive, omni-directional microphone is engineered to produce dramatic results in audio.

  • Professional Lapel microphone for PRO-XD, so you take quality up several notches
  • TRRS connector allows microphone to be used with many mobile devices, using video and audio recording apps
  • 2-year Azden Warranty, so you know you have quality in the palm of your hand
  • Cable length of 1.2 m so you can ‘go places’
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Weighs 2g only, for ultimate ease of use and portability

You’ll never again be embarrassed for having badly-recorded sound on your pro-quality vids!

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